FIRST – PLEASE DO NOT DECORATE ANY JERSEYS UNTIL ALL PLAYERS HAVE TRIED THEM ON!! We cannot replace a decorated jersey (for free) simply because we cannot reuse it. Also, if you have someone put team names on, please insure they do NOT heat existing print (i.e. numerals and team name)

SECOND – please refer to the washing / drying instructions (CLICK HERE):
• Wash in warm water or cold; rinse in cold water
• DO NOT use bleach or softener
• Dry on low heat (<140 degrees), with jersey inside out; do NOT use dryer sheet

WCYFL purchases many brands of uniforms in an effort to save costs. While the sizing is consistent within brands, often they are different between brands. However, the specification differences are usually minor so a child properly sized for one brand will usually fit the others. Also, occasionally we encounter jerseys mis-labeled and you may see manual markings on the label.

Please note that size YXXL and AS (youth double X large and adult small respectively) are generally the same size except the AS is about 1-2” greater in length. We often substitute an AS for YXXL as inventory dictates and oftentimes they can be used interchangeably. Also, YXS is very small and often difficult to get over shoulder pads – you may have to put pads in jersey and then put them on the player.

If you encounter a sizing issue, please try the following before calling for help:
• If you have multiple brands of the same size jersey, try switching them from one player to the other.
• Have the player with the size issue try on another size so you can report ‘correct’ size

WCYFL pre-prints the majority of the jerseys and have them in inventory. However, every year we run out of some sizes for some teams. If your kitted uniforms contain an upsize instruction, what we are asking you to do is review all the players in that size, find the larger of the player(s) and issue them the next size jersey that we ‘kitted’ your package with.

Knee and thigh pads for non-integrated pants are generally the same size and are difficult to “fit” into YXS and YS pants. We do have some smaller sets and we have made every effort to include those with your kit. Please make sure the smallest knee pad sets go to the smallest pant size players. Pads are to be returned at the end of the season.

Belts can be trimmed for smaller players – we do not require them back but appreciate any returns. An adult must trim the belt and then “melt” or seal the end with a match or candle.

Any questions or problems call your commissioner and/or Brent Sealey at 270-792-0515; [email protected].